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How to Find Sweet and Cute Japanese Sticky Notes on the Internet


If you love to use Japanese sticky notes, and have not been able to find the ones you like in your area of the world, it may be time to get on the Internet and see what online stores have available instead.

After all, Japanese sticky notes are not only sweet and cute, but they are often far more unusual than anything you will find printed by an American or European company.

Japanese sticky notes from Japan-based companies -- There are thousands of stores in Japan that sell sticky notes, and many of them are accessible from anywhere in the world.

If you would like to buy sweet and cute Japanese sticky notes, and cannot find the ones you like in your home town, get on the Internet and look for Japan-based companies instead. Many of them have English-language websites or, if not, you can run their site through a translation service.

Most will also ship anywhere in the world, so ordering from one is just a case of choosing the sticky notes you want and then waiting for them to arrive

Non-Japanese stores selling Japanese sticky notes -- There are also many online sellers that sell Japanese sticky notes, but are not based in Japan.

These stores place bulk orders for thousands of Japanese stationery products, and so get a cut price deal on shipping. This also means they can pass their savings on to you, and keep your shipping costs low.

Chat rooms dedicated to Japanese stationery -- Japanese stationery like sticky notes is so popular in many places in the world now, there are online chat rooms dedicated to it.

Join a couple of them and ask for advice on where are the best places to shop online for sticky notes, and for other Japanese stationery products.