Sticky Notes

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Sticky Notes Are The Reminders You Didn't Know You Needed


Sticky notes are not just the colorful squares you use to leave a note for your boss on a stack of papers anymore. We have "comment boxes" on computer programs for that now. They are the little reminders that can keep you on track throughout your daily life.

Need to remind your partner to take the garbage out tomorrow? Leave a sticky note on the coffee machine so he or she is reminded first thing in the morning. Need to pick up the ingredients for tonight's dinner on your way home from work? Write a quick list on the neon green sticky note and put in your bag so you see it when you grab your keys to get in the car. Want to mark off that holiday recipe in your cookbook so you can go back to it each year when you are ready to make it? Put one of those cool arrow shaped sticky notes pointing to the recipe on the page - no comments required.

Now some would say in the age of the iPhone we don't need sticky notes anymore. But there is still something about writing something down that feels more memorable, more engaging and just more fun. Who doesn't think about writing something motivational and uplifting for themselves and sticking that note right on the mirror so you can stare at it every morning to remind yourself of your worth! Sure you can do that on an iPhone, but first you would have to unlock your phone with your face or password, then click on the notes section of the apps, open it, and then keep touching your phone to keep it from shutting down to your lock screen! A note can always be there - sticking around to remind you of the important stuff in everyday life.

Sticky Notes Are Useful For All Kinds Of Everyday Purposes


Sticky Notes Are Perfect For Many Purposes

When you want to leave a quick note for your spouse or kids, you can write it on a sticky note and put it anywhere for them to see. You can attach it to their lunchbox, the nightstand by their bed, or in the car. Sticky notes are also great for when you need to leave a note to your neighbors or a friend who isn't home. You can attach sticky notes to small gifts or the door.

Sticky Notes Can Be Used To Keep Things Organized

If you need to remember what is in a box, then you can use a sticky note for that. You can also use sticky notes to keep the pantry organized. When you remodel the kitchen or move to a new house, then you can put sticky notes on each of the cabinets and drawers to remember what is in each of them. The notes easily adhere to a variety of surfaces and will help you stay organized all the time.

Pick Out All The Sticky Notes

If you want to keep your homework or your child's homework organized, then you can use sticky notes to mark various pages in schoolbooks. You can get a variety of colors of sticky notes to use for various purposes, and you can get some fun ones for the kids in your life so that they will enjoy using them. Once you realize how useful sticky notes are, you will find all kinds of purposes for them in your everyday life.

How Sticky Notes Can Help Your Everyday Life


Everybody is always looking for ways to improve their daily lives and make it more convenient. While there are lots of tips out there, most of us tend to ignore the simple solutions that could potentially have a huge impact on the quality of life we live every other day. Sticky notes are one of the simplest options available for those looking to improve their daily lives due to several reasons. This website highlights how your life can improve from using sticky notes as you can see below.

With sticky notes, you can learn to start your days with a feeling of gratitude. Once you get up and going for the day, pull out a sticky note where you can write down the date and every reason you have to be grateful. After some time, you will end up with a book full of reasons for you to be grateful. It can come in handy when you need something to help you get back on your feet when you get knocked down.

Starting with affirmations can also help you transform your lives through sticky notes. Those little statements go a long way in improving self-confidence. This can help cushion yourself from the impact negative statements and actions from other people can have since you start your days with a good understanding of exactly who you are.

Making room for your goals is an equally important tip for those looking to improve their lives through sticky notes. You have most likely come across the assertion that the possibility of achieving your goals is much higher if you write them down. Sticky notes make for a good place for you to note down your goals as you are going to see them every other time. There is no problem if you have to repeatedly note down the same goals as it is vital when it comes to staying focused.

How Sticky Notes Can Help Your Everyday Life


Everyone looks for little reminders that will help them get through the day, sticky notes could be yours. There are a lot of reasons why sticky notes are helpful in your everyday life, but right now, I'm only going to list the top 3 reasons you should start using sticky notes.

You can use them for grocery list reminders.

You might have a big list of things that you need to remember when making your next grocery order, let these sticky notes be your helping hand in remembering to buy all of the things that you need to buy.

You can remember to schedule appointments easier.

People often forget to schedule appointments when they have busy lives. You might not have an emergency, maybe you just need to get your yearly check up over with. A sticky note can help you remember at the end of the day that you need to call your doctor and set something up soon.

Helps keep motivational messages around for the rough days.

Whether or not you like to admit it, everyone has bad days. On those bad days, a sticky note from a loved one with a positive and motivational message can really turn things around for you. So, ask someone you love to write something for you to remember, even on the days when the world seems like it is against you. This way, you'll have something to smile at.

The best part about sticky notes: They can be digital. You can download an app on your phone or computer and have sticky notes with you, no matter where you might end up.

Ways to Use Sticky Notes in Everyday Life


There are times when you go through your whole home and organize the place and you need all of the supplies you can get to do a good job. There are times when you need to set up your home for someone else to spend time there. Sticky notes can be used for a number of things in your everyday life. 


Use Sticky Notes to Mark Baskets and Bins: 

As you are going through your home and organizing the place, you might use sticky notes to label different bins and baskets so that you know where those containers need to go once you have filled them. You can label a bin and then fill that bin with items that are similar to one another and that need to be put away in the same area. This can help out a lot when you are moving as well as when you are organizing your home. 


Prepare Your Home for a House Sitter: 

If you are going to have someone stay in your home to take care of your plants and look out for the place, you can use sticky notes to label cabinets and drawers so that the one staying in the home can find everything they need to take care of the place. 


Sticky Notes Can be Fun to Use: 

You can use sticky notes to accomplish a lot of things, and you can also use them to keep children entertained. It can be fun to use colorful sticky notes for all kinds of tasks. 


Using Sticky Notes On A Daily Basis


You are looking for anything you can find to make your life a little easier and to help your home stay more organized. When you find a pack of sticky notes that you like and that stick well, you can use those on a daily basis to make your life easier.

You Can Use Sticky Notes as Labels:

If you have a box of markers stashed in your closet and your kids are always asking where the markers are when they are working on craft projects, you can use a sticky note to label the markers' box. If you are moving and you are packing up everything in a specific room, you can use sticky notes to share what room the box belongs in. You can use sticky notes to label anything you need to label, and you can peel them off of that item at any time.

You Can Use Sticky Notes to Share Directions:

If you have prepared food for your family and now you are heading out of the house, you can use a sticky note on your casserole dish to share heating instructions. If you have chores that you want your kids to accomplish, you can use sticky notes to write down what you want them to do. These notes can be stuck to the table, the refrigerator door, and other surfaces, and they can be easily removed.

Sticky Notes are Affordable and Helpful:

There are a number of ways that sticky notes can be helpful to you, and it does not cost a lot for you to pick up a set of these notes.

Great Uses for Sticky Notes


Sticky notes or post it notes are great inventions. What a great idea. You add some easily stick glue to colored paper and put them on pads and sell them.

But people who have not used sticky notes other than as reminders or to pass along a phone number (perhaps from a boy or girl you like) haven't even touched the beginning of their uses.

For example, many people pay for expensive bookmarks. Why spend money when a single sticky note and be used several times for only a penny a sheet. And if you've got an academic book to study with, you can easily identify differnt chapters with colored sticky notes.

Are you an electrician working with different cables? Use sticky notes to quickly identify the different cables.

Are you painting a room and want to edge the corners with perfection. Use sticky notes.

Have an older car that doesn't automatically turn your headlights off for you? Then put a sticky note on your drivers side window. You'll be reminded to check those lights and never get stranded with a discharged battery.

When you wish to go grocery shopping, make your list on one or two sticky notes on your fridge. When it's time to go to the store, simply put your sticky notes in your wallet. You'll never again forget the bread, the milk or the laundry detergent.

Are you using a computer? There are lots of shortcuts that are very useful but who can remember them all. Jot them down on a sticky note and they will always ge there.

Do you forget things like your badge at work and they force you to go home and get it?
Put a sticky note on your door to remind you.

Sticky notes are incredibly useful and incredibly cheap.