Sticky Notes

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4 Creative Ways To Use Sticky Notes

Sticky notes may come in various eye-catching colors and be useful for writing down reminders, but there is more to them than first meets the eye. Find out how you can make planning, cleaning, and creating even simpler by using this typical office supply found in most places.

Book Labels:

When you have to name things like books or containers of office supplies, don't throw away your money on elaborate and pricey labels. Remove the extra paper from a post-it note, leaving just the section that contains the adhesive, and then adhere this section to whatever it is you wish to label. The most exciting part? Should the need arise, making adjustments is simple.

Clean the Keyboard:

Just slide the adhesive edge between the keys on your keyboard. The sticky strip can pick up even the tiniest particles of dust and crumbs of food that you have been trying to ignore. When it is removed, you are going to be shocked, and maybe even a bit grossed off, by what you see beneath.

Organize Your Cables:

You may save yourself some time by noting down the piece of equipment that is connected to each wire. That way, you won't have to waste any of it trying to discover what you CAN disconnect from behind the TV. Wrap the adhesive portion securely around the appropriate cable, leaving the distinguishing label of "TV" or "Console" exposed.

Wall Décor:

Add a dash of vibrant color to any room in your house with the help of your handyman and watch the transformation take place. Sticky notes Designs that have stood the test of time, like hearts and flowers, shouldn't need an excessive amount of creative skill.

If they don't appeal to your sense of style, you may always put them to use for something completely else. Now, go ahead and work it out.