Sticky Notes

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5 Ways To Use Sticky Notes


Staying organized is considered to be an important aspect of productivity. In today's day and age, when there is a rapid influx of digitalization, what is it about the basic sticky notes that made them stand through the test of times while so many of their counterpart accessories have been rendered redundant?

We all may have used sticky notes at one point or the other in our lives for various reasons. Let's find out how people worldwide are using them and making them so popular.

Pen down your reflections

While reading a book, we often come across a line or a quote that speaks to us, or we would like to note down for reference later. Lo and behold! The little sticky note comes to the rescue! Just write down whatever you like, whether a line or an excerpt and save it for later.

Convey your messages

In a busy household, the family members tend to have different schedules and don’t get to communicate as much. If you are also in such a fix, sticky notes can be very helpful for conveying important messages to others.

Got a picky eater at home who doesn’t like to eat their lunch? Stick a sticky note in their lunchbox to lovingly remind them to eat their food.

You can use them for the same purpose in the office environment. Instead of emailing or messaging someone, simply write a note and stick it to their desk. They won’t be able to deny seeing it.

Make a planner

Colorful sticky notes are a great way to make segments or divide different activities. You can use them to make a planner or a project board and color-coding to identify and distinguish the tasks and activities.

Make a to-do list

As we said, staying organized is the key to being productive. If there are multiple things you need to get done in a single day, sticky notes can be very useful. Make a to-do list and prioritize the tasks in order of importance. Keep crossing the tasks out of the list that you are done with.

Make a chore chart

Dividing chores between the family members is important to prevent the entire burden from falling on one person's shoulders. So, to become more organized and ensure things are getting done around the house, involve all your family members and make a chore chart. Color-code your family members through the different colored sticky notes and allocate their respective tasks. Put the chore chart in a place where everyone can see them.