Sticky Notes

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Great Uses for Sticky Notes


Sticky notes or post it notes are great inventions. What a great idea. You add some easily stick glue to colored paper and put them on pads and sell them.

But people who have not used sticky notes other than as reminders or to pass along a phone number (perhaps from a boy or girl you like) haven't even touched the beginning of their uses.

For example, many people pay for expensive bookmarks. Why spend money when a single sticky note and be used several times for only a penny a sheet. And if you've got an academic book to study with, you can easily identify differnt chapters with colored sticky notes.

Are you an electrician working with different cables? Use sticky notes to quickly identify the different cables.

Are you painting a room and want to edge the corners with perfection. Use sticky notes.

Have an older car that doesn't automatically turn your headlights off for you? Then put a sticky note on your drivers side window. You'll be reminded to check those lights and never get stranded with a discharged battery.

When you wish to go grocery shopping, make your list on one or two sticky notes on your fridge. When it's time to go to the store, simply put your sticky notes in your wallet. You'll never again forget the bread, the milk or the laundry detergent.

Are you using a computer? There are lots of shortcuts that are very useful but who can remember them all. Jot them down on a sticky note and they will always ge there.

Do you forget things like your badge at work and they force you to go home and get it?
Put a sticky note on your door to remind you.

Sticky notes are incredibly useful and incredibly cheap.