Sticky Notes

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A Couple Of Ways That Sticky Notes Have Improved Our Everyday Lives


How Sticky Notes Can Improve Everyday Life

The world changed the day that sticky notes hit the market. People in offices and homes everywhere rejoiced and went crazy figuring out new and interesting ways to use them. There are so many uses now that the number of ways they improve our everyday lives is nearly endless, but here are two ideas.

First, they allow us to stack notes into our calendars. We now can stagger appointment notes with more information than just simple time and location. Now we can add personal notes about who we are meeting, the information we need to convey or discuss, and what we need to get out of an appointment in order for it to be a successful use of our time. Plus, we have the added bonus of being able to add many sticky notes to a single day on the calendar, in the order of timing, and just pull each one off the top as we work our way through them. This means we can use them to make a daily goals itinerary, and in a variety of other scheduling fashions.

Second, they allow us to leave small notes for loved ones that we may live with yet not see often because of scheduling conflicts. This ranged from a love note to a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend to a few simple words of encouragement on our child’s sandwich that they will see during lunchtime at school. Sticky notes allow us to convey our love and encouragement to people when we are not around and brighten their day. These were just two ways in which sticky notes helped to improve our lives, and as we said, there are countless others. How many creative ways can you think of using one of these bright little additions to our daily lives?