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What Exactly Can You Buy at a Stationery Store?


Typically, a stationery store is one that sells office and learning equipment. But over the years, stationery has evolved from just writing pens and simple files; everything has taken style to it, and people have an expansive selection of stationery at their disposal.

With the increasing popularity of DIY on the internet, people want to have stylish everything, from a fancy pencil case or envelopes.

Here are a few items that you can buy from a stationery store.

Labels and stickers - if you are tired of having to open every jar in the fridge to find what you are looking for, then a trip to the stationery store is necessary.

You can also find fancy and elaborate stickers that you could use around your workplace or at home to give instructions and warnings.

Party supplies - instead of going to the mall and spend hours looking for party supplies, walk into a stationery store and get them all at the same place. You will find that most stores carry items such as invitations, balloons, party favors, streamers, and paper cutlery.

Art supplies - apart from just crayons and color pencils, most stationery stores will have a wider variety of art supplies such as canvases, paint & paintbrushes, rubber stamps, collage material, and glitter.

Sticky notes/post-it-notes - if you are tired of always forgetting passwords or taping papers all over the place, then it is time you get yourself the self-adhesive notes.

Unlike phone reminders, they do not get out of sight, and you can put them up anywhere. For example, you can post one on the fridge or your monitor, and then take them down when you no longer need them.