Sticky Notes

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How sticky notes can help your everyday life


How sticky notes can help your everyday life


If you are looking for a way to make your everyday life more convenient, you might want to consider using sticky notes.


Yes, those small notes that will stick to almost any surface are actually a great way to improve your life.


Remind yourself of things you need to do -- A great way to use sticky notes is to write down what you need to do on one of them, and then stick it in a place where you will see it.


Many people put them on their refrigerator, or on the back of their front door so they see it when they leave the house to run errands.


Saving your places in books -- You can save your place in a book by tagging it with a sticky note. You can also make notes about the book on other sticky notes as you read.


Labeling paperwork -- Many people use them to label paperwork, as you can organize your paperwork into stacks and then put a sticky note on the top of each one explaining what is in the pile.


Clean your computer keyboard -- Sticky notes are an excellent way to clean your computer keyboard. They do not require the use of water, yet are capable of picking up and removing dust, food crumbs and other debris.


Label electronic cords -- It can be annoying to figure out what cord goes to what electronic item.


Cut a sticky note into small strips and wrap a strip around each cord, securing it with the sticky end of the note. Then label each strip with the item it belongs to. For more selection of sticky notes visit the stationery store.