Sticky Notes

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How Sticky Notes Can Help Your Everyday Life


Some tips for using sticky notes that will help you with everyday functions

One way that one can use a sticky note is to note down shortcuts on the computer. This will save someone a lot of time, because the information will be right at the finger tips, and it won't be necessary to look up the information constantly.

Sticky notes can also be used as a list of goals that a person needs to accomplish. Not necessarily big goals but everyday goals that someone needs to accomplish. As the goal is accomplished the sticky note can be discarded. Sticky notes can be used as markers in books, and also ways to highlight important information in the book.

This is especially handy when using a book that ins't yours, like a library book. A sticky note can be used to put all the information that is necessary for any project or task that must be completed.

Sticky notes are great for reminders, such as something that needs to be done on the computer, or medication that has to be taken at a certain time. The sticky notes can be left around the desk or bathroom mirror.

The sticky side of a sticky note is a great way to clean the keyboard of little particles that gets stuck in there. In a bind a sticky note can be used as a coaster under a glass. Sticky notes can be used to add items to them. These items are for things that need to be picked up when doing grocery shopping.

Sticky notes can be used to with 'next steps' in recipes or any art project. Different colored sticky notes are excellent aids when moving. A different colored sticky note can be placed on different rooms, such as 'kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage.