Sticky Notes

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Sticky Note Me Please


Sticky notes are a common object that many are familiar with. School and office setting these little things are very common and can be super helpful in day to day routines. 

However, sticky notes are equally as helpful in other settings. The sticky note was invented in the 1900s. Often referred to as post it notes, the initial use for this small piece of re-adherable paper was made for temporarily attaching to documents and other papers.

The uses of sticky notes are endless. For example when reading you can book mark by placing a sticky note on the page you are reading so you will be able to find where you left off.

Uses such as these make the sticky note popular and versatile. Sticky notes can also be stylish. There are varieties of colors and shapes. My personal preference is a pink color sticky note. I find myself using them for work and home.

Two of my favorites uses for a sticky note at home is using them for positive quotes and scriptures. I usually find quotes that inspire me and bring me positive vibes so in order to remember them I write them down on sticky notes and put them on my bathroom mirror.

I love how the sticky notes stick to the mirror and display positive words. My other favorite is when teaching my kids site words and how to read, I would label as many objects as I could all over the house with their respective names and stick them on things.

For example, I would label the toaster, the sofa, the dryer, exc. Seeing the sticky note attached to the object helped them remember the name and helped with being able to identify words.

The possibilities for sticky notes are endless. It is amazing that a small piece of paper can do so many things. From using one as a book mark to using them to make origami a sticky notes is sure to handy one way or another.