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Shop Tips for the Best Quality Stationery Supplies Online

Where To Find Japanese Sticky Notes For An Affordable Price


     If you have ever been to Japan, or spent time looking at stationary on a Japanese website, you will know there are thousands of designs of sticky notes in Japan.

So much so, if you want sticky notes with dogs, cats, houses, country flags, planes, cars, cartoon characters, anime or manga characters or any of a thousands other things, you will find them in Japan. 

Buying sticky notes from a Japanese supplier, however, can be expensive. Follow these tips, however, and you should be able to find the sticky notes you like at a reasonable price.

Shop from an online seller outside Japan -- In most cases, buying any kind of Japanese stationary from an online store in Japan can be quite expensive.

This is often due to the products themselves being quite high in price, followed by the price of the shipping as well.

Shop for your Japanese sticky notes from a seller of Japanese products outside the U.S., however, and you may be shocked at how cheap you can buy them.

Why are non-Japanese sellers cheaper? -- While many Japanese sellers also have a bricks and mortar store, so have high overhead to pay for, many of the non-Japanese sellers do not. Instead, they are just Internet-based.

They also buy their sticky notes in bulk, so can often offer you lower prices than a Japanese seller who is just selling you one item.

They are also shipping their products from the U.S., Canada or Europe, so shipping tends to be cheaper as well.

Where to find these sellers -- Do an online search for the term 'kawaii sticky notes', and then look for sellers outside Japan.

You may just be shocked when you do at just how many non-Japanese sellers of kawaii products there are nowadays.