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Using Cuteness to One’s Own Advantage

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Motivation is one of the most important parts of life

Life is a rather complex journey. Parts of it are easy. Waking up in the morning, going to bed at night and similar things are quite simple. Those are the things which are largely driven by instinct. There's not much thought involved in taking care of those tasks. Our bodies are quite good at forcing us to do what needs to be done there. But other things require a lot more work. Not really out of any great complexity. But rather because it relies on motivation. Even something as simple as remembering to brush one's teeth or do a few situps in the morning can be quite difficult. But that's where psychology enters the picture. And it's why cuteness is such an important part of building up proper motivation.

The Japanese style of cuteness

Japan is famous for a lot of things. But two of the most relevant here are cuteness and motivation. Most people are aware that Japan has some amazing examples of motivation and willpower. They're one of the few modern countries in the world who aren't facing an obesity epidemic, for example. But many people aren't aware that much of it comes from an appreciation of cuteness. This principle is also known as kawaiipenshop. Many people find that mixing the idea of kawaiipenshop into something that needs motivation can deliver a bit of extra help. For example, sticky notes can be used to remind someone to do something. For example, having it next to the fridge to remind oneself to brush after eating. But by using a cute, or kawaiipenshop design, one will help imprint that idea into the subconscious. The task suddenly takes on a different emotional resonance. And in doing so one makes it a bit more instinctive. People instinctively like cute things and will associate tasks with the cute sticky notes. This can help push tasks into something closer to instinct which doesn't have to be thought about too much.